The 5 Rock n Roll bags you don’t want to miss!

Here we are, ladies! I’ve been a little bit busy during these past months, but now I’m ready to kick the new year, first starting posting frequently again!

I’ve been looking around for a nice purse that could give me the awesome feeling of having a rock n roll friend with me everyday. So I’ve picked up 5 bags that stole my heart. Some of them are quite cheap, others are not so easy to afford so I might need to break my piggy bank (sigh!). I only have to decide for the best one!!

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Scary Make-up Ideas For Halloween!

Hey guys! So Halloween is just around the corner and all of us just can not wait to celebrate!

Some of you may have already found the perfect dress and make-up … but I do know that some of you have no idea about it, (I belong to this category too, do not feel ashamed!).

I selected some of the best make-up for the occasion and I decided to post them so they can help you through your choice 🙂

I hope you like them!

creepy Halloween make-up

Sirena makeup

scary clown make-up

tree darkness Halloween make-up

Owl face make-up

And now here is my favorite and creepest:

Zip face Halloween Make-up

I personally tried this a few Halloweens ago and I could swear they were all a bit scared and  disbelief that was a real hinge on a real face..I so much fun !!!

zip face make-up for Halloween

This is probably the scariest I’ve seen so far.

If you have a weak stomach, please do not go, I do not want you to thow the breakfast/ lunch/ dinner up 🙂

bloody scary trick for Halloween

This is all for today, I’ll “see” you the next post!!!

Of course, if you want to send me your own ideas or previous scary make-up, I’ll be more than happy to see them all!!

I found a new band!!!

Ok guys, here’s the fact. I’ve been searching for soooooooo long for a band to get obsessed with. And now I finally discovered one!

I’m talking bout PVRIS of course! Guys, if you like great sounds which go between rock, melodic, alternative, electronic music, you just have to listen to this band! God bless them! I found them watching Rock n Roller‘s video on YouTube and I gave them a try… well…yes, at the first I liked them and sporadically watched some music videos. I little fell in love with them while I was working and “St. Patrick” ‘sound came to my mind apparently without reason, (I love when it happens, that is the moment I understand something is gonna happen with that band) and I got that I HAD to listen that song again. So my obsession began right there and I started raping the play (and repeat) button on YouTube and Spotify.

I love the sounds, the vocals, the style…everything!

Check them out!

PVRIS band


Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions on other bands!

The Perfect Outfit for a Rock Show

The Perfect Outfit for a Rock Show
Guys! I know I’ve been away from the blog recently but I’ve had so much stuff to do, and I’ve been really busy.
But! I’m here now to share with you this outfit I made about rock shows. Some of you may think “who is this one who wants to teach me how to dress myself for a concert?”. You’re right! I’m no one to tell you that. But I’ve been to different shows and I’ve learned things through the years about clothing that I’d like to share with you guys.
I live in North Italy and quite all the concerts I’ve been to were on cold months so I used to dress myself as an Eskimo to make it through the freezing waiting hours. That’s why my big advice is to bring a backpack to fill with your coat and sweater once you make it inside. In some places is also forbidden to bring a backpack or a bag inside, so you can just leave it at the wardrobe with your jacket inside right before to get into the building. Useful!
Another thing I’ve made mine is to wear something really really slight as a tank top. You’ll find the hell inside and the less you’re wearing, the more you’ll enjoy the show.
Army boots are the best shoes to wear: they have a thick sole and whatever you step on, nothing will hurt you. They’re also really good to protect your feet from other people’s jumps!
Enjoy the show!

Street Everyday Outfit

street everyday outfit